Possibilities of GPS data

Hey all,

Not really a programming question but I have hope you guys still want to help out

I am working on a track trace system for trucks.
It sends the gps location to a database every X minutes.

The company I'm making it for asked me what the possibilities are of the GPS data.
(What can they do with the data except seeing their trucks position?)

The only useful thing I came up with so far is that they can make a rough calculation to get the amount of kilometers their truck has driven, which is useful for the truck maintenance etc.

Anyone else has any good ideas what can be done/calculated with the data?

Thx :-[

You can calculate the average speed from the differences in distance and time between successive GPS points.

With a little more maths you could calculate how long a driver has been behind the wheel without a break- useful to avoid fatigue-related accidents in the long-haul sector.