Possible Architectural Change

After using the Beta a bit, I did not notice a great deal of benefit from using the new HTML based stack.
I would have vastly preferred a more hosted application that compiled binaries in a zero install fashion. The agent in my experience(Linux) was quite cumbersome and really brought the whole experience down.

If I were to be involved in the architecture, I would have implemented a stand alone ROM flasher or something similar for the desktop paired with an online .hex creation utility. Add some mobile features to that compiler and I think you'd have something. If you want to make a full stack desktop required IDE, why not just leave the application as is? Or rebuild it in not Java, which I would also fully endorse.

Part of the reason I was included in the beta is because I commented on the forums that I wanted to push you guys for more ubiquitous access to an Arduino compiler. Despite being in HTML the current version does not solve that core problem due to its reliance on the agent. I would still encourage you to explore pure HTML/Javascript based simulation as an alternative choice to hard lined deployment.

In short I want to run this on a Chromebook, not sure that is possible with the agent structure. I would like to see a product with good web based simulation and a fully web based compiler.

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Hi, I'm glad you like the Beta.

Believe me, I don't like the desktop agent either. Our first strategy was to build everything just with HTML and Javascript. Unfortunately one of the big problems is that there is no standard way to communicate with the serial ports from inside the browser.

The other big problem is that flashing a board requires some binary tools, like avrdude, openocd or bossac. There is no standard way of saving and executing a binary with only html and javascript (for good security reasons).

The desktop agent is, for now, a necessary evil. In the future, when there will be support for serial communication on the browser, we will be able to ditch it completely.

Right what I am saying is make a non HTML/Javascript Rom flasher and make it a two step process. You can definitely write web apps that download a .hex file.

You can see a similar option being discussed here