Possible conflict of usernames

I haven't been on this forum for a while. I want to post on the forum for problems relating to both the IDE and a scripts. I want to answer a post of someone that I may have a fix for. I believe I have another login under (mod removed) I think there is a conflict in user names. I did have a user name of donde123. I'm OK to continue to use it. Could Arduino Administration help me find errors in my membership and make corrections as you feel is necessary. I want to have just one membership. I'm on my main computer right. When I started using the macbook air, I created a new membership under the gmail account. Should have not done this.

Sorry for my confusion.
Thanks, Don

Can't help but I strongly suggest that you remove your email address; unless you want to collect spam.

For these types of issue you are better using the official support form.

Also note the order the boxes must be filled.


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