Possible?? Convert a composite Video signal to RGsB?

Hi Guys

Just an idea.
Is it possible to convert a composite video signal with an arduino and output as RGsB?
Or converting VGA to TV RGsB Signal.

Yes i know the usual TV Signal has Sync on Red. But i would need it on Green.

No, the Arduino is to slow for real time image processing.
You probably will need dedicated hardware ..


thx for your answer.

The Arduino is a microcontroller. :smiley:

I am not sure. Maybe you can try some video converters. I suggest you can try some free video converters. Just search "Adoreshare" on Google. Open it and you will find "Freeware" page. Good luck to you

Or just click here direclty

In addition, you can follow these guides for how to convert videos Adoreshare Resource Center