Possible extra Analog Input Ports in Arduino

Is there any way to take in Analog Input using an Arduino Nano, other than using Analog Pins A0 to A7.

By Analog Input ,in my case, it's the raw data ( in the range of 0-1023) which I get from an IR sensor TCRT 5000.

Thanks in advance.

You can’t create an extra analog input , but you could use an analog multiplexor to switch more than one analog signal into one analog input .
Google analog multiplexor , maybe 4051?
You might get some signal degradation doing this.
Interested in what you have on the other ports ....

The Arduino MEGA has 16 analog inputs.

FYI - The Arduino's ATmega chip has only one ADC (analog-to-digital converter) multiplexed (shared) by multiple analog input pins. Adding an external multiplexer is the same thing... Just more "work".

IR sensor TCRT 5000

You know... I believe you can get analog readings but that's not intended to be an analog device. You'll get part-to-part analog variations so depending on your application you might have to calibrate the parts/inputs individually.

...One place I used to work was using a slotted-optical sensor to detect paper. Most of the time it worked but sometimes we'd get a batch that could "see through" the paper (not a well-defined digital level) and we had to throw-away a bunch of them. We couldn't send them back to the supplier because the weren't defective... They worked fine if the light was blocked completely. (I think they eventually added an adjustment-pot to circuit.)

I'm gonna have to stick with arduino Nano, because of the size issue.
I was thinking of using 2 Nanos using I2C interfacing; that way i'll end up with 12 analog spare pins ( 2 from each are booked for I2C connection).

I'll try out the 4051 chip, but it does also take up 3 digital pins.

As for the thing i'm making, it's just an LFR , with 12 TCRT 5000 sensors and also 3 HCSR04 for object detection and preventing collision.

I've made this before, long ago, using a Mega, so I thought of challenging myself by making it smaller.

Thanks for the help.

Amazon search i2c ADC. They have 8, 10, 12, 16 bit. I've bought a couple 12bit ones.

Use an external ADC such as the ADS1115. Connects over I2C, max. 8 such ICs on a single bus, 4 channels each, total 32 extra ADC inputs. Should be enough.

Be aware that the ADS1115 uses fixed internal references, so be careful to have a very stable supply voltage as those sensors have ratiometric output.