Possible New Arduino Yun 101?!

I've found enough evidence to make myself believe there might be a new Arduino Yun 101. On the Arduino Yun Shield Getting Started Guide, if you scroll down to the part where you log in to the Yun Panel, there is this picture:

Notice it says "Welcome to your Arduino/Genuino YUN 101 or Yun shield."

Also, on the page on the Arduino Project Hub where you add tools to your toolbox, I once typed in "yun" and one of the items was an "Arduino Yun 101" and it showed a picture of an Arduino Yun. Now when I search "yun", it is no longer there.

Please tell me if you think it could be a new product too.
(Also I'm sorry if this was not the right place to share this)

Sure looks like it!

Even more evidence(Look at attachment)