Possible short on Mega

My Mega was working fine a few hours ago. The problem started when I couldn't upload anything to the board anymore. Even with no pins connected to the board it won't even upload the blink example. I always get the avrdude timeout error.
Then I noticed that the atmega2560 was getting really hot as soon as I connect it via USB or the 5V pin.
So I believe there is a short somewhere on the Board. I checked the Voltage Regulator with a multimeter and compared it to another mega board that is working fine, I noticed that the middle and right pin of the voltage regulator are shorted out.

I'm still a beginner in electronics so I wanted to ask if there is anything else I could check or try out before trying to change the voltage regulator.

Shouldn't the Board still work with a broken Voltage regulator if its powerd over USB or 5v directly?

Thank you for your time

Boards don't usually die that way unless they were abused in some fashion.

Even if you replace the regulator you may find that other components were also damaged.
If you have the tools and equipment to chase all the faulty components and the time then by all means give it a shot. If you don't then best to consign it to the bin and chalk it up as an experience.

Your chances of fixing it are probably much less than 50/50.

I don't know of a board that will work with a broken regulator as other parts often still rely on that.


Thanks for the quick answer. I will check the other components

You say the atmega2560 was getting hot - that's the large square chip in the middle. If that was what was getting hot, you did something that damaged it - these dont heat up on their own, even with an output pin shorted to opposite supply pin, so the short would be an internal failure of thd chip. If the atmega is getting hot, the board is trash.

If the voltage regulator is what's getting hot, there is hope, but not much - as noted above, usually when something damaged the reg, that same abuse will damage other parts of the board.

Also, there is an internal diode in the reg (two actually, one from Vout to Vin, one from Gnd to Vout); some cheap multimeters report that as a short. Reverse the leads from multimeter to rule that out.