Possible TinkerCAD Arduino UNO projects?

Hello, I have a school assignment that asks for me to create an Arduino UNO project using only the components provided in TinkerCAD. I'm not sure what projects I can make, my teacher said it can't be too advanced or too simple. Currently, I'm in grade 12, and he said to create a project that would be simple enough for grade 10s or grade 11s to replicate. I'm not really sure what projects I can make to fit that description since all my ideas seem too complicated :(. I will greatly appreciate it if you can share any ideas.

There is no concept of ability, understanding or knowledge based on grades! I've never looked at TinkerCAD, so I have no idea what it offers. You best option is thinking of a problem you have seen, and solve that, or go to instructables or youtube for inspiration.

oh ok, thanks!