Possible to add dotted lines between braces/brackets in IDE?

One of the features I would most like to see added into the development suite would be something that visually links the opening and closing braces within code.

This is something that I’ve seen in other IDE’s and is something I find essential for efficient coding, I use it in Mikoe’s PIC compiler. One of the reasons I find it so useful is that I’m dyslexic and have trouble spotting things normal people think are obvious, the closing bracket on the end of an instruction is not very obvious to my eyes unfortunately, but if it’s on it’s own line I’m more likely to see it.

I know that if you click on the opening bracket then the IDE will highlight the closing one, and this is useful, however if you’re searching through complicated code then it can get REALLY time consuming to do this for every IF, WHILE, DO, FOR etc etc.

Could this be added?


It's already there. If you put the cursor next to a curly brace it automatically highlights the matching brace.