Possible to buy Rover 5 geared motors separately?

I'm wondering if, were I to buy a Rover 5 chassis with only two motors and encoders, would I be able to buy two more motors (and their gearboxes, with or without encoders) separately, later on, to upgrade it to a four-motor chassis?

With the treads, two motors is probably all it needs, one for each side. But I understand the treads can be removed, and ordinary RC car wheels put on. Then it would be handy to have 4-sheel-drive, especially if each separate wheel were independently controlled by the microcontroller.

These gearmotors might also be handy for building a robot arm.

Anybody know if the geared motors for the Rover 5, can be bought separately? With or without encoders? Where?

The Rover 5 is made by Dagu, a Chinese company. Why not contact them? http://www.dagurobot.com/ One of their employees posts on the letsmakerobots.com forums under the nickname OddBot. Could ask there also.

Thank you, Bajdi, very good information!

I have a Dagu rover 5 with two motors.

I want to upgrade it. Have you got extra motor for you Dagu Rover 5? Where you buy it ?

Thanks very much

Just buy the four motor version, and remove two motors/gearboxes :-)

That's what I did !

Cheers, John

But this solution it's a bit expensive for me, with 17 years old. You only have Christmas for upgrading your setup.