Possible to clone a nano

Hi all I'm relatively new to the forum....here's my problem and if this is in the wrong section I apologize.

I have a loaded fully functioning program on a nano clone. My computer totally crashed and is done..it won't even begin to power up.

Is there a way I can just clone or copy from one nano to another? I do not need the code back nor will it ever need modified. I just need to make a copy of the one I have for a project I am doing..

Any help would be appreciated. I'm not great with code and am very busy with work atm and just need this quick fix

Thanks in advance

Is there a way I can just clone or copy from one nano to another?

Clone or copy what? The sketch on the Arduino? If that is what you want to do, then, yes, that is possible. The program avrdude is what the IDE uses to copy the sketch to the Arduino. One of the arguments defines which sketch to copy. Another defines the direction (to the Arduino or from the Arduino).


Take the HDD out of your Computer, put it in a caddy. Job Done.

If you don't have a caddy, would a lincoln do?

In all seriousness, get a hard drive dock. They're a great thing to have.

Yes, as long as the hard drive is not dead, I’d pull it out and make it a portable drive, copy all your files over.
Best Buy and places like that carry a plastic case with a little circuit board to mate the hard drive connector to a USB connector so you can access the drive from your computer as an external drive.

I use USBAsp's to "xerox" the code on chips, since there's that nifty GUI tool (though getting it installed and working is strangely hard), eXtremeBurnerAVR. Connect source board "read all", connect target, "write all". Done.