possible to connect arduino to a plc?

Hey, i have a PLC that i want to connect a digital temperature sensor to (DS18B20). The problem is that the PLC does not have any digital ports.

therefore i was wondering if there is any simple ways to connect a arduino to a plc so that i can use the digital ports on the arduino - to read temperatures?

Gives us a link to the PLC so that we can see that it is!


spelly: The problem is that the PLC does not have any digital ports.

So then what is the Arduino going to connect to on the PLC?

The PLC is a Siemens Simatic S7-1200

Gives us a link to the PLC

I know it’s a small thing but why should we have to Google stuff and then wonder if we really got the right one.

And as James said, if the PLC has no digital inputs how are you going to communicate with it from an Arduino?


gosh this is so simple. the arduino reads the sensor. the arduino outputs an analogue signal to the input of the PLC. use the arduino for scaling.

of course you can just use any of the many digital inputs and read the sensor directly. here is what I found on their site: . Controller with integrated PROFINET IO controller interface for communication between SIMATIC controllers, HMI, programming device or other automation components Communication module with PROFIBUS DP master interface Communication module PROFIBUS DP slave interface Integrated digital and analog inputs/outputs Communication modules for expansion of controllers with additional communications interfaces Different digital and analog signal modules. Communication modules (RS232/RS485) for communication via point-to-point connection. Ethernet switch with 4 ports for implementation of many different network topologies