possible to convert instrument cluster analog signal to canbus signal?


i 'm beguiner,i need to convert my RPM signal and SPEED signal of my car to CANBUS signal with arduino R3 can you help me please,thanks

What do You know about the CAN bus usage like PDO, SDO etc.?

i want to install a sound generator into my car the sound generator need RPM and SPEED can signal but my car only have analog signal

An Arduino can pick up, read and interpret a lot of sensor signals and then send those values onto a CAN bus.
Sound generator sending out data on a CAN bus? Never heard of sound equipment used on a CAN bus.

it is a maxhaust sound booster which reproduces the sound of a v8 engine the maxhaust needs the RPM and speed signal to be able to modify the engine sound according to the speed I have to connect 1 wire on the CAN H and 1 wire on CAN L

Have You been looking into the CAN protocool being used, how the data sent should be formatted? Is it using PDOs or SDOs etc.?
CAN bus talk is not like sending text using RS232.