Possible to emulate an i2c 2 line LED

I have a hex file that I can't get access to the source. (Don't Ask. ) It is using an i2c LED display at 0x3F.

Is it possible (using a second arduino) to read the data from the first arduino and write to an LED that I have control of? ie: Intercept the data being sent out the i2c bus on 0x3F and write it to another LED or LCD?

I have written other code for the arduino. so i have a bit of knowledge, but wanted to see if anyone has already done this and could give some info on where to start.

My main question is how do I emulate the 0x3f address?


You would configure the I2C for access as a slave device using the Wire library.

In the IDE, go to File->Examples->Wire->Slave_Receiver and look at that code. Set the address to 0x3F

It will print out everything it sees on the bus.

Thanks, will give this a go.