possible to fit a track under a 0805 r?

hello im trying to use just 1 layer to lay out a surface mount 328, wonder if its possible to fit a track in between a 0805 r, the 2 pads, any other way maby? thanks

If you're getting it made professionally, it's easy. Your board house will tell you what clearance you need between traces/etc, minimum feature sizes, etc - some will even provide design rule files for their favorite PCB design tools.

If you're making the boards at home, it's a matter of good your setup is and how consistent the results you get are. I had trouble getting a trace between the pads of an 0805 consistently, but a 1206 was easy. I used to make regular use of 0 ohm resistors for that purpose. I got some larger size too, to jump over multiple other traces at a time.

I stopped making my own PCBs a while ago - I realized just how affordable professional PCB fab is now, and how much better the results are, and I haven't looked back.

yer i used to make lots of pcbs but their so inexpensive didnt think of using a 1206 think ill try that thank you

blimy i even remember making boards with black stencels, )

And I remember the sticky tape… Blue and red for 2 layers…


regards Allan

And using a black sharpie to hand draw the pads and traces. Oh my, way too long ago.


With slightly non-standard pad positioning you might be able to do it, standard pads usually
don’t have anything like enough clearance below 1206/1210.

allanhurst: And I remember the sticky tape... Blue and red for 2 layers...


regards Allan

Ah yes - I think I still have some old ones I created downstairs somewhere in a drawer. Bishop Graphics made the DIP and other device forms you could peel off and stick down to your layout 1x, 2x, 4x were standard sizes.

My concern with a trace under an 0805 (or other device) especially if you are doing it at home is the danger of a solder bridge under the part across the trace to one or both of the pads and you can't see it (although a meter will find it). I prefer things where I can see them.

Huh? I just got a board from Seeed where I ran a trace under a 0603 just fine (Using the "handsolder" pads from KiCAD). There is about a mm of space. Soldermask should prevent any bridges. Design rule check is fine.