Possible to have login page made with PHP & MySQL with Ethernet Shield?

I am doing a capstone project for school where I am making an automatic pet feeder. I have made a webserver on my ethernet shield using an SD card. I want to have a login page before accessing the webserver.

I want to use PHP and MySQL to achieve this. Is this possible? My ethernet shield will always be on the same network as the database. (Like this tutorial.) The reason I ask is because I have to use XAMPP on my Mac in order to run PHP. Obviously I wouldn't be able to put XAMPP on my Arduino Uno...

(I want to use PHP, because I need more code to add to my capstone project. I feel like there's not enough to it. Thanks!)

I'm going to go with "no." There might be some platforms programmable with the Arduino IDE that can actually serve Apache web pages and host a MySQL database, but most Arduinos are eight bit devices with 32 k of program storage at most. Even the Teensy boards with 32 bit ARM processors have no more than 64K of RAM and 256K of flash. that's not much more to work with than a Commodore 64. What you're talking about is a Raspberry Pi type project. You can interface an Raspberry Pi to an Arduino, so perhaps you should look into that.


I am not sure if these comments are relevant to you.

My arduino application at www.2wg.co.nz has a login function and uses session cookies to retain the login state until it times the session out after ten minutes.

The source code and some documentation can be downloaded on the application website. Look in the PUBLIC folder on the SD card.


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