Possible to make a keylogger with an arduino?

So, I came across this project on instructables which is pretty neat: How to Build Your Own USB Keylogger : 7 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

I was wondering, would such a thing be possible to make with an arduino? Getting an attiny85v is around half the cost of the PIC and would be easier to program (considering I am much more familiar with arduino code than my total inexperience with PIC, and needing a programmer) , as well as adding the possibility to log to an SD card.

So, is such a thing feasible using arduino instead of a PIC

Reading a PS2-keyboard is relative easy.

The VUSB-library may... be interesting, you can use it to have non-usb AVR-microcontrollers present themselves as USB-device, requiring only a few components.

Although not written with the arduino-IDE in mind, if you google "VUSB Arduino" you'll see that it is possible to combine 'm.
Don't know how hard it may be to use the Arduino IDE + VUSB + Attiny, though.

You can refer to this website: http://www.anykeylogger.com which products may give your answer.