possible to make a wireless game caller with arduino?

ive tinkered with arduinos a tiny bit making a button box for kerbal space program and i was wondering if it would be possible to make a wireless game call with a couple of arduinos working wirelessly or if i would need another type of board to work with. so far this is what i think the project would require:


arduino micro

nrf24l01 (not sure if best for this project or if something is better, need a range of 100-200 yards)

nokia 5110 screen to see files on dfminiplayer in reciever to play along with current play state, battery level, and volume level(i figure this will be the hardest part of the entire project, getting it all to work together)

button pad for up, down, play/pause, volume up, volume down (diy breadboard button matrix) control volume and play/pause tracks on the receiver wirelessly

no dfminiplayer or sd card on transmitter, only on reciever base with speaker


arduino micro

nrf24l01 (again not sure)

dfminiplayer (unsure of any other mp3/sd card modules that might be easier to use)

15w speaker (salvaged from broken game call)

from what i read and understand, the max is 3w from the dfminiplayer and the speaker pinouts im using is a 15w so i think i would need an amplifier like the 20w adafruit amp to power the speaker if the 3 watts isnt enough.

12v source for amp if i need it, 8 x aa or possibly a mini jump start somewhat like a mini jump start that i currently own or a 18650 battery pack. the arduino can be powered through the amps vdd pinout

the ability to send back current play state and file list of mp3s on sd card to the transmitter, along with maybe battery level and volume level of the reciever if its not too difficult.

so far i can do basic things like a button matrix for my button box and assign commands for kerbal space program, and have gotten a 2x16 lcd working to display text and a few other things, but this project will be insanely more difficult than anything ive tried and i havent worked with the nokia 5110 display or the nrfl24l01, so im wondering if i should scrap the project for something else. this project isnt very important so im not afraid to scrap it and do a simpler project, i was mainly wanting to do this to get more familiar with programming and getting arduinos to communicate back and forth wirelessly. any advice would be helpful

In english Robin has a great tutorial:Simple nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz transceiver demo

you could read this page

if you read french or you don't mind using google translate, you could have a look at my simple example for communication between 2 arduinos using nrf24l01+