Possible to read UPD8891 linear ccd with arduino?

I have a linear ccd laying around (UPD8891CY) and want to use this one to measure the thickness of a wire.
I don't need it to be 1200dpi, 300dpi would be fine. I see there is a select pin to choose 300dpi on the IC so I'm thinking that won't be a problem.
Also, the sensor is a color CCD, but I think I should be able to read just one color? Monochrome would be fine for my purpose.

For the readout speed: even 1/sec would be fine.

Now my question is: Will it be possible to read this sensor with an arduino? Preferably a Mega, because I don't have a Due laying around.

For reference, the datasheet: UPD8891CY pdf, UPD8891CY Description, UPD8891CY Datasheet, UPD8891CY view ::: ALLDATASHEET :::

And if it's possible, how should I start with using this sensor?