Possible to Run Java on Arduino?????

Maybe a stupid question. But, if we could run Java then we could do a software voice Synthesis on our robots. I am talking of course about the Ganzbot project.


Wouldn’t that be much more economically done in hardware ?


First off, I want to make sure that you can understand what the robot says.

secondly, I am broke and I can do software easier financially than hardware.

Third, Thanks for the reply, you are probably correct.

Broke, and trying to make a talking robot. I’ve gotta say I love the mindset of the people here [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

Even if you could run Java (which really doesn’t make any sense given the extremely limited hardware), but you would still need additional hardware. I don’t think there are any Arduino boards that offer a DAC output.

It was just a thought.

I guess hardware is the way to go and just save up. I am not exactly broke, but I am robot poor and the wife is sick of me putting money into my passion unless I have a birthday or christmas and such. I am having a birthday soon, so hence the ArduinoMega, Shield and battery. I am used to being on the BasicStampII and hope to enjoy the more inputs. I saw a book on the arduino, but can’t buy it now. I said to myself I will just read the dox that come with it. But, it came by itself without dox. So, I am searching the forums and such. I believe that I will enjoy the arduino as much as I have loved the stamp.

you should probably go for a more powerful platform (more expensive too) like the http://beagleboard.org/.


Check this Speech Synthesizer using ATMega168

This seems cool. Do you think it will work on an ArduinoMega?

The documentation for that code says that it will fit onto an ATmega168 so it should (in theory) work on the Mega. But be aware that text to speech is processing intensive so you may have trouble doing much else at the same time the board is making sounds. It may be better using one of the inexpensive bare bones boards as a dedicated speech device connected to the mega via a serial port.

Another thing is that the code is not designed to work with Arduino and it will take some skill to get it running alongside your sketch code. Perhaps another reason to have a dedicated board to run the speech software.

This is a very interesting project but its quite challenging. You may be better off using a dedicated speech synthesis chip.

good point. Thanks.

nanovm Java for AVR.

Not tried it though.


Thank You, my friend!