Possible to save to Arduino memory without computer connection?

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For a project I'm working on, what would I need to program in order to save float values (every .1 seconds) to the on-board Arduino memory. As in I don't want to bring my laptop where I go to read the values, I'd rather bring a external power source and check the data later.


At every 100ms, you will fill up the memory pretty quickly. It would be very difficult to save to flash, but you could easily save to EEPROM and read it later.

A float uses 4 bytes. How many of them are you aiming to save ?
Which Arduino do you intend to use ?
What power source will the Arduino be running on and over what period ?

There's always the SD card answer if it is too much for eeprom.

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If I save to the EEPROM with x amount of bytes, what would the next step be to extract the data from the Arduino?


I'm using the Arduino Uno looking to store 10 minutes of data with a rechargeable power bank.

is this board equipped for this project?

Depending on the resolution you need and the range of the values, maybe scaling them by say a factor of 1000 or such could mean you can store them as 2 byte ints to double your storage?

The ATMega328 of the UNO only holds 1kB (1024 bytes) so there is not enough EEPROM.

Assuming you still want floats...

600seconds * 0.1 = 6000 readings = 46000 bytes = 24kB or 824 Kbits =192Kbits

There are i2c protocol EEPROM ICs that are easy to interface to ATMega based devices such as these: