Possible to use android tablet to edit/compile/upload sketches to arduino??

Hi all, I want to buy a tablet that I could use to edit/compile/upload sketches to my Duemilanove. I hope that this could be easy enough so that I can teach my son how to do it ;-) Thanks for any hint or experience.

Maybe try this route http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,61305.0.html

I don't think its possible, but would be delighted to be proved wrong.

  • Android is layered on Linux, so you would need ports of the Arduino tool chain (avrdude) I don't know if these are available. If they are, you might be able to edit with a text editor and call them.

  • The Arduino IDE is a desktop Java app, but its not like an Android Java app, they are very different. So, I don't know any way you would be able to run that.

  • Only some tablets have USB master (which you need)

  • You would need USB drivers, and the cut-down Linux on an Android tablet may not have them (mine didn't).

Apart from that it should be easy ;)

For the usb master I know there is a solution via ADK and an usb host shield for the arduino.
For the rest I found amarino, but I am not sure it solves the whole thing. If someone who knows about it could elaborate abit about amarino, that would be great!

Amarino is a really nice Android to Arduino bridge that uses Bluetooth. I dont think it would help here.

Just getting the Android device and Arduino to talk over USB or Bluetooth is all pretty straightforward. But I got the impression that you wanted to write and compile apps on the Android tablet and send them to the Arduino.

I think running the IDE on Android is probably the stumbling block.

OK that was my impression also. Hmm then would it be possible to just compile and upload, I guess the full IDE is not mandatory, a text editor would do. Thanks, Manu

You will need to compile avrdude to the target OS that your tablet run, then you need to compile avr-gcc, then you need a nice text editor and access to a terminal, then you will probably need to modify the arduino makefiles, so just use a computer, its easier and it works.

iphone and ipad is completly out of question... :(

Already done: http://arduinocommander.blogspot.ru/2013/03/upload-sketch.html