Possible to use softAP?

Hello, I'm new to arduino, but have quite a bit of programming under my belt so forgive me if I am missing some arduino specific knowledge!

Is it possible to use the softAP function of the ESP32? I am getting a compile error 'class WiFiClass' has no member named 'softAP' I assume its because I'm using the WiFiNINA library that is recommended for the MKR1010.

Is there a similar function in the WiFiNINA library? If not can I use another library with the MKR1010 board?

If it helps to describe my application at all:

I have two MKR1010 boards that I want to communicate to each other. I Will have a TX unit that will report sensor readings and an RX unit that will put them to work. The RX will have a small LCD for showing status, etc. and a few buttons.

I do not want to connect to an existing WiFi network, and ideally the two units would just auto pair and would be invisible to other WiFi devices... Short of that I could use the softAP functionality and connect with a third device to configure/pair the TX and RX units. What is the best approach for this?

Thank you!

WiFiNINA library is not ESP32, so it has different API.
It does support AP functionality, but the method name is beginAP, not softAP.

OK Thanks, I guess I'm a little lost on this whole ESP32 thing. I thought that was the module that provided WiFi functionality on the MKR board so the WiFiNINA library for the board would also be ESP32... Again, new to this whole arduino/microcontroller stuff. My programming experience is on windows and android primarily...

Anyway, with some more digging I did come across the beginAP and I believe it is what I need so I'm glad to see your recommendation! thank you!