Possible to use the USB port at all?

Hi, not sure if this has been answered yet, haven’t seen it in a google search or forum search yet, so:

Just curious, is there any way that you could use the USB connection on the Arduino boards to do stuff? Like use for example as pin for a sensor of some sort?

I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do.

You can’t use the USB connector where the cable comes from the PC as a pin for a sensor. Thats because its attached to the USB controller which you can’t really control directly.

If you want to use the usb port to interface to something else, what ever you connect to needs to have a USB host controller, like a PC does, and I am sure ( I haven’t researched it yet) you could write your own driver to interface to the host controller.

Ah, yes, that answers my question, thank you