possibly dangerous links on playground Web page?

I’m just starting to learn about Arduino, and I went to the “playground” web page. I found some links there which caused my browser to display “congratulations, you just won $1000”. I had to shut down my browser to close that page.

I wanted to report this problem. But I had to register in your forums to do that. Now I’ve done that, but I can’t post the links in question because
“this is your first post”.


The page is arduino.cc | playground| Main| ManualsAndCurriculum.

The links are in the section “Arduino Website on PDF” There are three links. The first is titled “Getting Started Section - download here”. The link there is benign but it’s to an acrobat dot com site, the PDF file is locked such that it can’t be saved locally.

The second is titled “Learning Section - download here” The link is to
a mediafire dot com site which returned that “$1000” window.

The third is titled “Reference Section - download here” a similar mediafire link.

Let me know if this is the appropriate forum to report these sorts of problems. I saw nothing obvious on the Web page about reporting “misbehaving” Web pages. I went to this much trouble to report at al, because I run a site myself and would greatly appreciate such reports.

HErb Johnson
in the USA

Thanks for the heads up. Not sure if anyone will take note of this though and change it

(Mowcius murmers something again about not being a mod) :P

"not sure if anyone will take note of this..."

??? I see a possibly malicious Web link on the Wiki page noted. Can someone tell me how I notify someone responsible for the page or Web site? I made reasonable efforts to look for such directions....