Possibly dead arduino nano v3.0 with atmega 168

after previously purchasing an Arduino nano v3.0 with Atmega 168 i was setting up a reset button so i could house the Arduino without needing direct access to the on board reset button however after messing around with some loose wires the Arduino just stopped responding. after taking a closer look i noticed i had accidentally connected the RST pin and the 5V pin. after unplugging the board and leaving it for a few minutes i plugged it back in and the power led comes on faintly, the RX and TX led's flicker and when i press the on board reset the power led goes off and turns back on respectively. could anyone tell me if i've fried it or what because i'm having no luck and if there is anywhere where i could get it repaired (or if its just easier to renew). Much thanks, jkitto.

There is no place that could repair it for less than what a new one would cost (unless you repair it yourself.)

how could i repair it? more specifically how would i know which component etc to replace and how to obtain a replacement of said component?