Possibly fried Pro Mini?

I think I fried my Pro Mini. I was trying to solder a wire to the analog 4 & 5 pins, which on the pro mini, are on the inside very near to the processor. Some solder got on one of the processors pins, I didn't catch this until after I tried to power it on. Nothing happened, no lights or anything turned on.

Would this fry it?

If so how, can I test?

It depends on the pins, but it seems unlikely.

Did you remove the solder?

Check the power pins, see if you have 5V. You might have killed the power components.

Not even the green power LED comes on?

You would probably fry the voltage regulator if you'd have it powered for several minutes, but I don't think you could damage the processor by doing this.

Clean up the mess with some soldering wick and try again.

// Per.