Possibly missing wires in education kit?

Hello all, first time user, please let me know if this is under the wrong category to post.

However, I'm having issues with finding the wires required for the first project in the 'Arduino Starter Kit'. I have uploaded an image to better illustrate it.

I can also provide a screenshot of everything I have received and if it's simply a case of me not recognising it to be the relevant wires.

I post because I was also missing the 220 ohm resistor and have opted to use the 560, which is fine, however I'm unable to find anyone mentioning anyone previously missing these wires.

If some parts are missing in the kit, you should ask the seller about it.
You can use male-to-male jumper wires as well.

the doc states that you should have:

they don't mention the actual length of the solid core jumper wires. short ones are useful to get a neat breadboard but you'll be fine using a longer one for such use case.

the 220Ω resistors should be there though (20 of them)

If you click that link you get a PDF that lists the count, lengths, and gauge.

I agree with Boffin that you should contact the seller if you did not receive the parts listed.

This is the first I've seen about missing wires, but I have seen several about missing resistors. It seems this always ends up being resolved as the resistor being there, but maybe with a different code than expected. There is even a dedicated Help Center article about it:

right, missed that (and my Chinese is weak :crazy_face: :innocent:) but numbers are readable

Thanks to everyone in this post, really constructive and helpful. I looked through the whole kit and found the jump wires. PEBCAK, "problem exists between chair and keyboard", that's exactly it.

I also had a look at the provided URL, thats sovled my issue, you were on the money, I was looking for a 4 band resistor (as noted in the manual) albeit in my kit it is a 5 band resistor.

Thanks all.

Kind regards,

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Good to see this solved

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