Possibly shorted Due. Any way to resurrect?

Hello All,

I hooked up my Due to a motor controller (DRV 8833). The Due was connected to my MacBook Pro's usb via Due's Programmer USB port. It was also being powered by an external source at 9.5v (via the DC barrel jack). The motor controller was separately being powered by a 12V supply.

I was trying to measure voltage on the controller and one of the leads accidentally slipped and shorted GND and VMM (12V).

I pulled power off quickly. But it likely was too late.

I disconnected everything. Now, when I try to connect the MacBook to reprogram the Due, the Yellow light and Green light turn on, the Due's USB serial port shows up in the IDE ports list. But when I try to upload code, I get a "No device found on cu.usbmodem1451" error and the Due's port disappears from the IDE's list of ports. Sometimes the green light goes off too.

All the above don't seem to be good signs from a Due's health standpoint. I'm posting here with hope that there is some fuse (polyfuse) or something that could potentially resuscitate the Due.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

PS: I did search and couldn't find any previous reference to this kind of problem. If there is something please point me to it.

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried the native port?

Did you mean, “Vin” instead of VMM .

it’s possible that you blew out the protection diode. Disconnect power, and using a digital multimeter, check for continuity between Vin, and the center pin of the power connector. If you do not have continuity, check component D5 and L6. if you blew out a trace, you can use a jumper wire to correct it.