Post Office raises rates again!!!

Freakin' gov't agency. It was already hard enough 'competing' against cheap China imports, now the USPS has made it more expensive to mail stuff, up to $7.15 from $6.80 domestically. International rates the same, still Too Much at $33.95 for a Priority Mail International® Small Flat Rate Box to most of the world.

Little consolation to you, but at least you aren’t seeing a $500/year from a new carbon tax.

And the government says they aren’t sure what they will be spending the money on yet but they are sure the new tax will make us reduce our heating demands.
“Buy a sweater” one government member said to the news media.


CrossRoads: Freakin' gov't agency.

Compare prices with the private companies, UPS and Fedex. USPS is still way cheaper for my shipments, though there must be some kind of deals you can work with UPS/Fedex once you start shipping mass quantities because the big names do use them instead of USPS. These price increases are rough though, seems like they have been greatly surpassing the rate of inflation. I think USPS should stop giving away priority boxes, etc. Of course that expense gets passed on to us in the end. I haven't raised any of my prices for a long time so the postage increases come right out of my pocket.

Have you looked at the USPS First Class Package option? You can use it up to 16 oz. if you buy your postage online (13 oz limit at the post office) and it's significantly cheaper than Priority. Seems like the products I see you selling should all end up under 16 oz. You still get a tracking number. They do quote a longer delivery time but often my shipments end up being delivered just as quickly as they would have via Priority.


Little consolation to you, but at least you aren't seeing a $500/year from a new carbon tax.

We briefly had a carbon tax, the straw that broke the political camels back. One political party out, another equally incompetent party in.

Yes, yes, I know, I was one of the incompetent voters that changed it. :o :o :o :o

Tom.. :)