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Hi guys;

I did a post at,15421.0.html my first post and I was lock-up. My only post in that forum. I did follow the rules ( I did my best ... ) I was asking which header file header.h to use in CB do I can send serial data in my C++ to a serial port ( Arduino ). I did some research into it and I found a 6 year old posting in the same forum. I will try it and see what happen.

The thing is... get lock-up on the first post is.... Not Nice !

I don't see what point you're trying to make

Maybe post on arduino forum for a change?!

You guys, on this forum, you are nice and helpfull ( in general ). My opinion...

My point AWOL is : my first post, and the tread is lock. ( I can not reply in my own post ) Simply not "Nice". I was lookng for help if CB has an header file do deal with serial ports.

I know 2/5ths of 5/8ths of naff all about CB so can't help. I would think though that the CB moderator should have cut you some slack.


I agree Graynomad... the moderator should give me some slack. Every board is different with differents rules. Maybe my "tone" was a bit "hard". I was surprise and a bit "upset". Mind you the forum got usefull info about Code::Blocks and it is a good ( and FREE ) C++ IDE mind you. I learn from the forums by reading the posts and check the links if it is related to what I need to know or I will save it later for later use. And I search the forums ( sometimes ) for a particular subject or project that I am doing or trying to learn.

I guess ranting and raving here might you feel better, but as mentioned, their moderator is the one that will tell you why you were locked.

Anything we suggest is just guessing.

I guess ranting and raving here might you feel better

I am sorry for ranting here.

Anything we suggest is just guessing

I don't expect any answers here.

I am just sorry to express my opinion.