Posting bug in recently modified forum software?

Twice I have hit the "post" button after entering a reply, and was rewarded by a blank "post new topic" page, with everything I typed gone. I'm using the latest version of Firefox on Win7.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Yep, I experienced the same with 3 lengthy answers I wrote. More than annoying! Please fix that ASAP!

Before you hit Post, use CTRL-A (to select all) and CTRL-C (to copy), just in case.

Happened to me on short replies too. Subsequent recreating of the reply got even shorter!

This happened to me today also.

However it also happened to me occasionally in the past - i.e. before the recent change.


Yeah, this seems to be happening a lot to me. It’s hit me like half a dozen times since this went up.

The good news is that every time it’s happened, when I hit back, my post was still there.

Dang forum!! Used to be that if someone posted while you were typing, you'd be warned to check your post. Now it just dumps your post with no warning!

When I try to go back, my post has not always been there. Especially the long ones!

Looks like we now have to create our replies in a word processor cut copy paste.

Next we will have to pay a fee for helping out.
Shut up LarryD !

Well done!


As far as I remember, it has always been like that. The difference is that the 'timeout' is now short and it used to be in the magnitude of an hour (or even more).

Admins fix that damn bug immediately!!!

I got totally frustrated today after writing a long answer for more than an hour just to find that this buggy piece of software deleted my complete answer without the possibility to get it back by using the back button. Yes, I forgot to copy my answer before hitting the post button but that’s not what I expect from a forum software that is used in a productive environment. Don’t let us beta test unfinished software! And answer to these questions so we know that you read it even if you’re not able to fix immediately.

I stop answering any topic until that is fixed, my patience is gone today!