Posting circuit diagrams to forum or other online places

Oh heck! Does anyone know how… or know that we CAN’T… insert something like this in a forum post?

<iframe width='500' height='350' frameborder='0' src=''></iframe>

If we can, it is a great way to get circuit diagrams online. You can see the result of that code at…

… it embeds a pan-able, zoomable, printable circuit diagram on the page.

Free service. You have to prepare the circuit diagram with the free, multiplatform PCB CAD program “KiCad”. (Details at pages linked from the page where the image demo is given.)

You can bring up the circuit diagram with the following. The circuit diagram will open in new tab or window…

Allowing user-postable iframe tags on a website is a recipe for malicious code injection.

Sure, it isn't all jiggly, but the IMG tags work fine.

Maybe can provide a way to make this online-safe??

It’s neat but I see little incentive to use it even if it was possible to insert the codes. A PDF or JPG either attached or with works just fine.


I accept that allowing the embedding of iframes may be too risky (I know too little about that side of things to pass an informed opinion), and for some things, I agree that…

A PDF or JPG either attached or with works just fine.

… but many, many times I have found static, non scrollable, non zoomable images a Real Pain.

Happily, I think we can have our cake (security) and eat it too (use CircuitBee for big things) by the simple expedient illustrated in my first post: By posting the link to a URL for the CircuitBee page for the circuit in question.

So… please… no more unreadable images which don’t fit without too little magnification?! <^_^> It will even open in a new tab or page, so there’s no hassle with getting back to what you were reading.

I agree that large images are a PITA because it's very difficult to pan them. Normally I right click and save the pic then use a proper viewer.

I don't know why the iframe is not allowed. I assume that it's because is can hold a URL but then so can a URL tag. Maybe they* just didn't think to allow it in a list of allowed tags. Maybe is because you need an argument...nope this works

  • By "they" I mean the SMF coders. ______ Rob

Graynomad: I don't know why the iframe is not allowed.

Cross-site scripting attacks. An IFRAME is quite different from just including link text as a link. With an IFRAME, the content served at the URL is actually retrieved and processed by the browser. So, if anyone can stick an IFRAME in a forum post, then suddenly, the forum owners have zero control over what gets delivered to the site visitor. Of course, allowing IMG and flash embedds removes some control too, and yes, there have been flash exploits. But wide-open IFRAME embedding, by anyone, is a recipe for disaster.