posting collected data in serial monitor online

Disclaimer: I am new.

I've been searching the web for a couple of hours now for a simple program that would allow me to take data received from an IR sensor and would put in on a web site for all to see. I have basic code to get values from the arduino, now I would like to take the data from the serial monitor and put it on a website.

In addition, what kind of publishing would I need, I was thinking of some rudimentary lines of data on a free server (google sites, wordpress, blogspot etc.).

Thanks in advance.

You might want to look into this:

See this too:

Once you get it talking to pachube, integrating the output from pachube into your website or blog should be fairly simpleā€¦

I did this and I installed the stuff, EVERY LIBRARY i could find, and put it in a folder called libraries inside of sketchbook, however it still said that library "cc" cannot be found. Any solutions or links would be helpful.

Thank you for the response!

however it still said that library "cc" cannot be found.

Exactly what is "it". What was "it" compiling when "it" said that library "cc" could not be found.

I know for a fact that CC can be found at the liquor store.