Posting data online without a computer.... help!

Hi there,

I am starting a project where i would like to use the arduino to take readings from sensors and post them to an online data logger, for example

I would ideally like the final device to be wireless, connecting through wifi and posting the data straight to the website through it's API.

Can anyone tell where the best place to start would be? Would I be able to achieve this with an Xbee and an arduino?

Thanks. Matt

Would I be able to achieve this with an Xbee and an arduino?

An XBee is like a walkie-talkie. One by itself is useless. So, no.

With a WiFi shield, you could connect to a network, via a wireless router. This is not a beginner project, though.

Even with an Ethernet shield, it is not a trivial project.

I'm sending sensor data from an arduino via a serial/usb connection to a cheap wifi router (703n) which runs openwrt. A script on the router forwards the serial data to pachube. Not trivial but all the code you need is on the web.

Ok cheers.

Despite the way my post sounded, I do have a lot of experience with arduino... just none with wifi.

mikinoz - could you point me to anywhere online that would explain a bit more about the process you've used?

A wifi shield would be great if it wasn't so expensive. Trying to keep costs right down as I will need to make lots of them.

Thanks, matt

Also - could i use this instead of a wirefly shield?