posting disappears!

what is going on here!

A posting from mine disappeared the second time >:(

My problem was, that clicking on help in the IDE, only the HTML code of the help item is shown, i.e. Wordpad is starting and showing the HTML code.
But the browser should start and show the help item like an internet page.

How can I tell the IDE to show help items with the browser?

The problem is that you're breaking the rules by cross posting. You are only allowed to create one thread per subject. If you create multiple threads for a single subject, that's called cross posting and it will cause your posts to be deleted. It will also cause you to get a forum ban if you do it repeatedly. The reason cross posting is against the rules is because it wastes the time of the people trying to help you. Someone might spend 15 minutes writing a detailed answer on this thread, without knowing that someone else already did the same in the other thread. That can be very frustrating to people who are taking time out of their day to offer free help to a complete stranger.

Someone has already provided a good answer to your question about the help files in the original thread:

so you can see that it was silly to waste our time and yours creating three posts about it when one is good enough.

The forum rules in the sticky "How to use this forum - please read." post you will find at the top of every forum section. It contains a lot of other useful information. Please read it.

sorry for cross posting.

What happened: Some time after posting I looked if there is an answer. But I could not find my posting at all.
Therefore I wrote the text again with the same subject and posted it. And again after some time looking for an answer the posting did not exist.

Then I wrote the text again but with a different subject. Well, then I got your answer, telling me that I did cross posting.

I don't understand why my posting had disappeared twice.
Immediately after posting my question about the help problem I posted a totally different question. Can this immediate second posting be the reason?


Your problem has been answered, and next time if you are missing your posts, don’t assume they have been erased.
Instead, some helpful person helped you by moving your post to a more suiting place.

You can find your own posts by clicking on your name next to a post of yours, and then on Show Posts on the left side.

You can also click the profile symbol at the top right side of any forum page, and click Profile.
Next go to edit forum settings and then again click on Show Posts on the left side.