Posting problems

I have been having posting problems since post 1. Since the new board changes they have become worse.

Biggest bugbear is when I hit return it gets posted meaning multiple edits to build post.

Draft works, but use of return is just too ingrained into my behaviour to override.

I have concluded that the fault lies somewhere with safari.

Any suggestions please ?

Use Chrome.

I started out using IE. Suckiest program ever, Used Bing to search! I could never log in. After switching to Chrome, which took a minute without admin access, I can log in and post! Chrome is GREAT!!!!

I had to convert to Chrome from Safari. The new and improved version of forum software has so many wonderful new features it makes Safari no longer usable.


Well chrome did seem better until i tried to post a link. It seems to have hung or crashed and i cannot get out of it.

Edited link............

That link appears to be broken

Link is fine.