Posting smaller memory size pictures

Hi guys;

I would like to share this info. In one of my tread ---> Arduino Forum,
danimath recomend me to use Irfanview. I did download the program, install it, and run it... I try in one of my pictures taken by my digital camera. My original size is 1 Mbytes, and I re-size it... about 200 kbytes... Much better ... and the pictures still look clear and ok. The program is free :grin: and here the link :

Check it will help me to post more pictures... faster uploading because I only have a...dial-up :frowning:

I hope it will help you.

And you can lower the quality easily to 85% with jpg, did you try that? How small is the picture after that.


Not yet. I did not try it yet. I just reduced the memory size only from 1 M to 100 k . My original picture are 1200 X 1200 and I have to reduce to 800 X 800 so I can post here.