POSTS to a server, new Connect needed


I´m trying to make several POSTS to a server, like this one:

POST /acquisitions HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic aGFydmfsdDpnNzZGJmg4
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8
Content-Length: 420


I´m able to connect make the first POST, receive “201 Created”, but when i repeat the process without closing the connection and creating a new one the second POST doesn´t enter.

If i close connection and reopen and after that make the second POST, the process works.

Any one as an idea, is it mandatory to close connection and reopen if you want to do a new POST with the W5100?

Any one as an idea, is it mandatory to close connection and reopen if you want to do a new POST with the W5100?

Probably, HTTP protocol is generally an open/close communication setup.

HTTP 1.0
Under HTTP 1.0, there is no official specification for how keepalive operates. It was, in essence, added to an existing protocol. If the client supports keep-alive, it adds an additional header to the request:
Connection: Keep-Alive
Then, when the server receives this request and generates a response, it also adds a header to the response:
Connection: Keep-Alive
Following this, the connection is not dropped, but is instead kept open. When the client sends another request, it uses the same connection. This will continue until either the client or the server decides that the conversation is over, and one of them drops the connection.

HTTP 1.1
In HTTP 1.1, all connections are considered persistent unless declared otherwise.[1] The HTTP persistent connections do not use separate keepalive messages, they just allow multiple requests to use a single connection. However, the default connection timeout of Apache 2.0 httpd[2] is as little as 15 seconds[3] and for Apache 2.2 only 5 seconds.[4] The advantage of a short timeout is the ability to deliver multiple components of a web page quickly while not consuming resources to run multiple server processes or threads for too long.[5]