Pot Burning Out


I am playing around with http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Knob, using the exact wiring but with a continuous rotation servo, which controls the speed instead. Soon after my pot started smoking. Is this due to the low wattage rating of the pot? It is 100k ohms, rated 0.5w. I am able to successfully control the servo at different speeds using the onboard Arduino 5v power supply and PWM without the pot.

If I wire up the servo with an external power, and use the onboard 5v for the pot, would this solve the issue(sorry I dont have external 5v power to test at the moment)? Because I am guessing as they are sharing the same power rail, could the pot be affected by the large current drawn by the servo, and thus burning out. Any help appreciated.

It sounds like you probably wired the pot wrong, so that when the wiper was close to one end or the other, you shorted the supply. Normally, the outermost contacts will be the full fixed resistance of the pot and is connected across the supply, and the centre contact will be connected to the analogue input.