Potential Project with a lot of IO


I am thinking of an Arduino Project that will need multiple small capacitive sensors, I am planning to use this library: GitHub - PaulStoffregen/CapacitiveSensor: Detect touch or proximity by capacitve sensing

The issue is that the fully scaled project will need at least 72 sensors and I can't find an Arduino that can support that.

The sensors can share a single send pin, but must have their own receive pin and so I would need 73 analogue ports.

Also does anyone know if there is a minimum size for the copper tape, some of the pieces are going to have to be pretty small, the smallest I think will be 18 x 5.5mm?

Ok, I've done some more research and if I use 5 CD74HC4067 multiplexers with something like an Ardunio Mega or a Teensy 3.2 it should work. Still not sure about the small capacitive pads though.