Potentially useful Arduino board?

Of course, these are things I always need, but I would find it very useful to have the following elements on an arduino board thought to be powered from LiPos: Input voltage: 3.3 - 9v Operating voltage: 5v Battery Charging Circuit (to be charged via USB cable) Boost Circuit to 5V

It would be great if the chip could be same as the DUE or at worst, the 328.

I know that the Lilipad has a charging circuit, but I believe the operating voltage is related to the power input...I do not think it boosts to 5v. The Arduio Pro also has a nice connection port for LiPos, but it either runs at 5v (from a 5v+ input, i.e. 7.4v lipos, or two 3.7v, or boosted 3.7) or at 3.3v (from a 3.3v+ input). The closest thing I have found is the IOIO Mint, and that is not Arduino compatible.

Anyone else know of an Arduino compatible board with the previously mentioned circuitry (3.7v in via LiPo, boost circuit to 5v, charging circuit).