Potentiometer and Joystick

I am a newbie here. I was just wondering if there is anything available on the market that provides both potentiometer (i.e., knob rotation values) and joystick functionalities (i.e., 360-degree angular values in x-y) into one product/component


I'm not really sure what you exactly mean, but if I understand your question right, maybe the thing you need is an encoder. There are even some especially made to connect to arduinos. Here is a link to one, that are dirt cheap, if this one doesn't isn't what you want then do a search on ebay for encoders. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1PCS-Encoder-Rotary-Encoder-Coding-Switch-Module-NEW-S/172434964618?epid=707397082&hash=item2825ecc08a:g:mrgAAOSwo4pYRpal

Google 3 axis joystick What you want is available.

Hello again, I just found a 3 axis joystick on DX.com, they mentioned is't suitable for Arduino.


I did not see anything in the product description that said 3 axis.