Potentiometer as temperature sensor

how can I use a potentiometer as a high resolution temperature sensor

can you?

are you thinking of temperature-coefficient-of-resistance?

If you find a way, let me know!

no, the assignment requires measuring temperature with high resolution (1c/0.1 volt) and 10 bit A/D converter but i couldn't find a sensor with these characteristics so I thought maybe a potentiometer would suffice

so I thought maybe a potentiometer would suffice

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I think the answer is no, for the potentiometer. But you should be able to find a temp sensor with 0.1 V per degree Celsius resolution. Just be sure to also search for a sensor which works in the temperature range you need. The 10 bit analog to digital part just comes when you read the analog sensor input on the Arduino using analogRead(). Hope this helps :grin:

but what else can I do there is no sensor with these specific requirements I thought I could use a 24 bit sensor with a 5V to 3.3V logic level converter. but it was too complicated

Just find an analog sensor, connect it to an analog input, and use analogRead() to convert to digital (see above)

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A ten turn potentiometer with a turns counting dial and an appropriate value metal film resistor in series with the pot make a nice test setup to emulate a thermistor.

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Duplicate post?


There is no simple solution.
There are lots and lots of components that have temperature curves
An op-amp and the needed bits and Bob's your uncle.

Simple diode could be the 'sensor'

photoresistor if checking illuminance of heated material

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try thermistor and ohm meter program

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Hi, you need high resolution, but the analogRead() has limited resolution (0-1023).

I have used (many times) the Dallas temperature sensor. it used only one wire.
Try the <OneWire.h> and <DallasTemperature.h> libraries

The advantages are:

  1. it uses only one wire (with a 4.7k pull-up)
  2. It is accurate and offers good resolution
  3. It returns the temperature value to you as C or F.
  4. There are versions of this that are "waterproof" on the end of a long wire, so it is very simple to incorporate into your project.


1DegC to 0.1V is not high resolution.
The temperature resolution is 1Deg C.
What temperature range are you looking for.
The 10bit ADC is where the resolution comes in.

What have you looked at that you think will not do the job?
What temperature sensors can you obtain?

Please post links to data/spec.
Can you post the actual assignment wording?

Thanks.. Tom.. :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

I really don’t think the OP @t1999 is paying attention any more.

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