Potentiometer cross talk

I’ve built my own joystick out of an old joystick some PVC pipe a cast iron candle bowl and some decorative rocks. It uses standard joystick potentiometers which all feed into a SparkFun Pro-Micro. There is also a set of rudder pedals (I’m a flight simmer if you hadn’t guessed) so there are 6 potentiometers wired to this arduino. The two on the stick have their power wired in series. The 3 on the pedals have their pots wired in parallel. The pedals group and the stick group are wired in parallel. Then obviously the wiper on each pot has its own wire to a port. I then run the arduino off of a program called MMJoy, which takes the arduino’s outputs and makes them into joystick outputs.

So this whole set up worked for a few months, but now that I hadn’t used it in a month it’s acting strange.

When I move one of the axes like the y axis on the stick all of the other axes move. When one axis goes high they all go higher, low lower, They don’t move in lockstep, but they do move together. This baffles me. I checked the bindings I checked the software, nothings dual-bound. I think the problem is on the side of the arduino or something I really have no idea. Is there a way I can view the voltage on each pin? I’d like to see what the arduino thinks the voltage is vs what my multimeter thinks it is.

Sounds like a wire may have come loose or making a poor connection. Double-check all the wiring.

All of the analog inputs go through a multiplexer to a single A/D converter. At the input to the A/D is a sample and hold capacitor. If the input has an impedance greater than about 100k Ohms the capacitor won't reach the input voltage before the A/D measures the voltage. This causes the previous input (voltage on the capacitor) to influence the reading. Perhaps the power or ground wires have developed a high resistance.

Are you a wizard? Also I'd like to thank my electrical engineering professors because I understood all of that.

I think the issue was one of connectivity. I cleaned the board with alcohol and flux remover, then plugged everything back in. Works.