Potentiometer Fluctuating Values

Hello, Im trying to read the value of a Potentiometer from a linear actuator and the values are all over the place.

When I start to move the actuator from fully retracted the potentiometer value doesn't change for a couple inches. Then it goes from 4-8-16-32-48 then jumps all the way to 500. From 500-800 it reads it appropriately. Then when I get past 800 it jumps all the way to 1023 and its not even fully extended yet.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

We cannot see your wiring. We cannot see your code. We do not know what parts you are using. How can we give intelligent assistance?

Read the how to use this forum-please read stickies to see how to post code and some advice on how to ask an effective question.

It would help if you post a datasheet for the actuator.

Simple test. Connect a voltmeter to the pot wiper and ground to see if it changes smoothly, if it does it is wired correct (I assume it is connected to 5V and Ground. If that is true then the problem is in your code if the port is not broken. I am assuming this is on your bench and not in a particular noisy environment.
Good Luck & Have Fun!