Potentiometer Too Big

The potentiometer that comes with the starter kit cannot fit in the spaces it says in the project. Specifically project 11. There's simply not enough space on the board, and they ask you to fit the three pins too close together in a way that isn't possible.

So do something about it.
Either complain to the suppliers.
Or solder some wires onto the pot to allow them to fit into your bread board.
Or buy a pot that will fit.

I am able to solder the wires, and I will do so, however I can't see how this was allowed past QC because it's a pretty big mistake. If you're someone learning all of this stuff for the first time, which is part of what arduino is meant for, then it's unlikely you'll have a soldering iron in order to fix this.

I can't see how this was allowed past QC because it's a pretty big mistake

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Unfortunately there is no evidence that any "official" Arduino person takes any notice of anything said here - even in the section about the Forum itself.


I doubt very much if they have a QC person let alone a department.

What probbly happened, and this is pure guess work, is that the right sort of pot was specified initially, and then they could not get that part and were offered a replacement. This was then accepted by a non technical person and the kits shipped otherwise the kits would have been out of stock.

I say this because I have seen this sort of thing happen in industry which is why I suggested complaining to the supplier.