Potentiometer trouble for Pong game.

I'm making a Pong game with an Arduino Uno, an LCD & two potentiometers (10k). I'm using this tutorial as a basis: http://www.instructables.com/id/Yet-Another-Pong-Game-with-Arduino-Uno/

The game is working well and showing up on the LCD, my problem is the controls. The potentiometers are meant to control the bars in the game, but they dont seem to be responding to them. Instead the bars are to be moving randomly.

The code is in the above link with some minor changes for lcd pins. Here's the wiring: http://imgur.com/yusfuM2 http://imgur.com/2ENFjk4 http://imgur.com/tNrMakF

Any help on how to make the potentiometers control the game would be very appreciated.

Thanks Lewis.

Hi, the protoboard you are using does not have the power supply track running the complete length of the board. If you look closely the red and blue lines break half way down the length, that is where the break is, you will need to jumper there to get supply to your two pots.

This should get it going, do you have a DMM?

Tom..... :)

Yes! This worked perfectly (It's always the simple things!) Thanks for the help!


Hi, No problem, not all protoboards are like that, but its a pain when they do.

Tom...good to see it works..... :)