POV Globe reed switch problem, need help


I have a project for school that I need to make to pass the year, so the deadline is in few days and I’m stuck on little ( I think ) problem :slight_smile: Before that I’m making a POV Globe with 72 smd led’s and using atmega328 as head of operations. The problem is when I start it, he does the start up sequence and then they all turn on and stay that way, they dont blink, they are always on, and then when I disconnect reed switch they all do their stuff… I’ve checked almost everything: everything is good soldered, reed switch is working well when he is disconnected from microcontroller, but when I connect him to atmega he is always on, no matter if I bring him the magnet he is always on, I’ve also checked if is there any short connection, there is not, so If you could give a hint what could it be?
(The code and schematics are attached)

If you can download a video, take a look (it’s about 6mb) : Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way! [EDITED]

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Globe.ino (5.38 KB)

world.h (14.6 KB)

Your video link gives a 404. I see no coil for your reed relay in your schematic. Do you mean a reed switch?

Yeah sorry for the mistake, reed switch, I’ll change it, and for the video, link was valid while I uploaded it, idk maybe I accidentaly deleted it

new link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/xpcx5p