POV with eye blinking ?

I have been asked if I can make a simple display, which must be some sort of POV, but instead of the LEDs or your eyes moving, you just blink, and you can see the graphic or letters.

The guy insists the had them in some store displays that he used to sell.

He describes it as being like a vertical row of LEDs on the edge of a cabinet, and when you blink your eye, you could see the name of cigarette brand ( in those days when you could advertise them )

I asked if he meant as your eye passes horizontally over the row of LEDs and he insists it was when you blink, with your head stationary.

I asked if the letters were sometimes mirror imaged ( as would be the case for a normal POV relying on your scanning your eyes left right), and he reckons not.

I have searched a bit but can find nothing like this, and struggle to imagine how it could work.

Anybody heard of this ?

Sounds like an optical aberration caused by nicotine addiction. Can't imagine how that could work unless the leds were tiny and attached to your eyelid. For pov to work the leds have to pass over your retina somehow.

Might work if the cigs were ". . . ." brand :)

The guy is mistaken in his recollection and/or understanding of what was involved.

If you flash LEDs slowly just on the limits of the persistence of vision a rapid eye blink can detect the lights that are on or off. Especially if you have LEDs that are not flashing but have their current reduced to matched brightness of the flashing LEDs.

What I think is happening is the the blinking is a bit like having a shutter wheel in front of the LEDs and as long as the blink is not synchronized with a whole number of LED cycles then you will get more or less light integrating in the eye than the fixed LEDs. The brain picks this up and you see the pattern.

Given the context of a sales counter cabinet, I'm inclined to dismiss his insistence that it was a head-kept-still thing. Edge of the cabinet flashing a pattern as if the cabinet was moving at a certain speed, but instead relying on the customer happening to turn their head at approx that speed in one direction. They'd see the words in space due to POV.

Thanks Guys, ( I don't know why I don't get notifications any more, I hope people don't think I am rude asking questions and disappearing ! ! )

That is very interesting GMike, I will see if I can find anything on that, when I get a free day. Have you any references I can hunt ?

I have played around with POV and lenticular in the past, so would like a new optical challenge.

And Paul RB, I don't know about nicotine addiction ( I experienced flashing spots in a dark room a couple of years back, and read it was a symptom of too much caffeine ( many, many cups of coffee a day ) , so we only have one real cup in the morning, and then decaf , and the problem disappeared .

One other clue ( sounds like a Mayday Aircrash Investigation script :-) ) that I didn't mention, is that the display stands were installed in Bottle Stores ( Liquor Stores ) I will check with my customer if he saw the display in the mornings as well :-)

Have you any references I can hunt ?

Sorry no.